checkMARC Achieves Highest Laboratory Standard

BlueLight Analytics’ checkMARC system has achieved the highest laboratory standard for accuracy. In an article published in Dental Materials, arguably the leading journal in the field of dental restoratives research, checkMARC was evaluated against the other available methods for measuring curing light output.  The study authors found that checkMARC provided laboratory-grade accuracy across eight different brands of LED curing lights. Specifically, checkMARC (cM) measurements “were typically within 2%” of those using an Integrating Sphere (IS), considered to be the gold standard laboratory instrument.


The authors identified that the evidence also suggested that spectrometer-based measurement devices like checkMARC overcome many of the limitations that exist in the current ISO standard. Additionally, the authors noted that checkMARC’s unique sensor surface made it “the more accurate device” when compared to traditional laboratory equipment (e.g., thermopile and Integrating Sphere).

The article, Robust spectrometer-based methods for characterizing radiant exitance of dental LED light curing units, was authored by Dr. Adrian Shortall from Birmingham University, Chris Felix who is BlueLight Analytics’ Chief Science Officer, and Professor David Watts from University of Manchester and Editor-in-Chief of Dental Materials.

Jeehan Javed