Global from the Get Go

The team at BlueLight Analytics always knew success in the dental filling market would be found in exporting. Seven years later, 90% of their revenue is from outside Canada and they have a new partner in 3M, a market leader in restorative dentistry.

As JP Furey, CEO, summarizes, “BlueLight’s earliest activities demonstrated a global solution was needed, so our efforts were global from the beginning.”

“We entered the dental industry during a time when clinicians were transitioning from amalgam (silver) fillings to light-cured (white) restorations. Many clinicians were experiencing issues with the quality of light-cured white restorations. Third party research using BlueLight’s technologies exposed a lack of training and knowledge related to the curing of these restorations. It became apparent that there was a need for simple clinical solutions to help dentists to ensure that they delivered the highest quality patient outcomes.”

"Each market is different. We have learned to expect the unexpected when shipping goods into a new country. Planning is critical but you also need to react quickly when things come up."
- JP Furey, Bluelight Analytics

Brian Jeffcock