Smart Technology To Instill Confidence With Every Cure

checkUP, the world’s first “smart” light measurment technology, was created to give dentists the power to test their curing lights, track their materials and recieve precise curing times for each restoration—all in the palm of their hand. BlueLight has been working with a team of talented and passionate dental professionals to put checkUP to the test before our offical product launch at the ADA FDI World Dental Congress this September in San Francisco. Among that group is Dr. Douglas Lambert, who sat down with Dental Products Report to share his experience implementing checkUP into his dental practice in “light” of our 2019 Cellerant Best of Class Technology Award.

How did you first learn about the checkUP system?

My first introduction to the checkUP concept was through a dental materials manufacturer rep in my area who came to my office in 2017 with the checkMARC system. He evaluated several of our LED curing lights and the composites we use most frequently for our patients. I was completely enthralled with the useful data we obtained with the testing.

Describe how checkUP fits into the way you practice?

I feel there’s an “underappreciated importance” of the role LED curing lights play in successful patient outcomes. Improper or insufficient light curing of our posterior composites can lead to a host of negative consequences, including lower bond strengths, additional water sorption, poor physical properties, microleakage, sensitivity and recurrent decay, just to name a few. There are many things we can do to help ensure a quality cure, such as proper placement of the light and disinfecting and cleaning of the light guide or tip.  However, use of the checkUP testing system gives us quantifiable data to augment our composite protocol.

What would you tell a colleague if he or she asked what it is like to use the checkUP system?

First off, I would tell them it’s a “no brainer.” The app is easy to install in the device of your choice. The checkUP testing process is very easy to implement and use, and the knowledge gained is eye-opening. Adding additional lights or new composites to your personal database is a snap. It’s a real “game changer” for dentistry!

What impact has the use of the curing light testing system made on your practice and your patients?

That’s easy, and I can sum it up in one word: confidence. Confidence to know that in our office, with our curing lights and the composite resins we use on a daily basis, we can depend on a depth of cure that’s predictable, repeatable and reliable. There’s a lot of comfort in having this information at our fingertips. The entire concept is so well thought out. It’s a simple, streamlined process that yields practice enhancing information to improve your composite technique and patient results.


checkUP is a system for ensuring the proper operation of your dental curing lights. The technology combines a highly accurate light meter with an app that integrates your practice’s light data with a database of curing lights and curable dental materials, providing accurate curing times for your practice’s curing lights and materials of choice. The system is designed to improve efficiency and reduce errors from improper curing of dental materials. 

Learn more about how you can save time and increase restoration success with checkUP.

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Blake Smith