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The latest in light measurement technology referenced in over 80 papers

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Accurately prepare reproducible and clinically relevant specimen with the MARC Light Collector (LC).

A NIST referenced instrument with a 16mm light collection port, the MARC LC enables curing light characterization, consistent sample preparation and confidence in the reproducibility of study results. 

Technical Specifications

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Measure LCU spectral and power output according to ISO/ANSI standards  

Control intensity, rate and total energy delivered to dental material specimens

Identify variations in the distribution of beam intensity across the LCU tip


The MARC LC provides a source of unlimited research projects for students and is the ideal R&D/QA tool for LCU and dental material manufacturers. 



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Gain standardized competitive data on lights and light cured materials.

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The only training system for perfecting light curing technique

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Run a more accurate, efficient practice by reducing errors and unbillable chair time.

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Manage your conditions and achieve accurate, reproducible and clinically relevant tests.

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Our simulators play an essential role in the development and perfection of operator technique.

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