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Our products help the dental community save time and money, keeping patients happier by ensuring proper resin curing.


of revenue generating procedures rely on the successful use of a curing light.

We have solutions for everyone

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Run a more accurate, efficient practice by reducing errors and unbillable chair time.

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Manage your conditions and achieve accurate, reproducible and clinically relevant tests.

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Our simulators play an essential role in the development and perfection of operator technique.

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Enhance customer engagement by turning your sales reps into trusted advisors.

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Quick. Easy. Accurate.

Our technology is powering
the future of dental health

How it works

We help you collect data and show you ways to improve your outcomes


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Users collect data on lights, materials and curing protocols using BlueLight’s technologies. 


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We measure and analyze the data points in real time, drawing upon our unique database.


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We provide custom insights on curing protocols that will help increase efficiency and revenue.


Curing light related data points collected from around the world. 

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Discover how BlueLight helps the world’s leading dentists, researchers, professors, enterprises, and you.