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Improve Restoration Outcomes and Maximize Your Earning Potential 

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Dental curing is a key component of any dental practice. 

We help you shed light on the relationship between your equipment, your consumables, and your patients’ experience to positively impact your bottom line, efficiency of chair time and patient satisfaction. 

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We help dentists

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Further improve patient care


Maximize chair time efficiency

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Protect your bottom line 


Quick. Easy. Accurate. 

Regularly measure the output of your curing lights to ensure they are functioning properly.



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“I was surprised by how much the output of a curing light could degrade without my noticing.”


– Dentist, ADA

Learn how we help dentists save time, money, and eliminate unbillable chair time

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We have solutions for everyone

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Run a more accurate, efficient practice by reducing errors and unbillable chair time.

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Manage your conditions and achieve accurate, reproducible and clinically relevant tests.

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Our simulators play an essential role in the development and perfection of operator technique.

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Enhance customer engagement by turning your sales reps into trusted advisors.